What’s Available 10-9-2021

What’s currently available at Crow Mountain Orchard?

*Red Delicious
*Gold Delicious
*Granny Smith (almost gone)
*Arkansas Black (almost gone)
*King Lusk (almost gone)
*Apple Cider

Please call the salesroom to check availability before making the drive out. We hope to get some Pink Lady apples in the next two weeks!😃

What’s Available—8/26/2021

Sweet eating pears, large canning pears, seedless grapes, a few peaches, McIntosh apples, Jonagold apples, Jonathan apples, Laurel Red apples, Gala apples, Ginger Gold, and Asian pears. Right now we have a sale of 3 lbs bags of apples, 3 for $10, mix and match. Watch a video of our salesroom. Call for fruit availability during business hours. 256-437-9254.


What’s Available at the Orchard–8/17/2021

Please call 256-437-9254 to check availability, especially on Peaches. We only have a few coming in now.

What’s currently available now at the orchard salesroom:

*Seedless Grapes

*Yellow Freestone Peaches (just a few in 1 and 2 quart boxes)

*Laurel Red Apples

*Gala Apples

*Ginger Gold Apples

*McIntosh Apples

*Sweet Eating Pears

*Canning Pears

*Asian Pears

Last of the peaches!

Peaches are coming to the end a little earlier than normal due to the late freeze we got. We have the table full at the moment but I expect to be down to only 1 and 2 quart boxes come tomorrow. If you are wanting to get some last minute peaches I wouldn’t wait to long. With that being said we will not be at any markets on Saturday 8/7/21.