Fruit Calendar

Approximate DatesActual  dates when fruit is available varies from year to year depending on weather conditions.
Quantities of certain fruits may be limited or unavailable.


Blueberries About June 5
Cherries About June 5
Blackberries About June 20
Cling Peaches About June 25
Early Gold Apples (tart, cooking and eating) About June 25


Semi-Freestone Yellow Peaches (Red Havens) About 1st week
Plums About 1st week
Freestone Yellow and White Peaches (Many different varieties, sweet, good for eating and preserving) About 2nd week
Seedless Grapes (green, red, and purple) About 2nd week
Pears About 2nd week
Asian Pears About 3rd week
Nectarines About 3rd week
Indian Cling Peaches (Red flesh, good for eating, pickling, and preserving) About 3rd week
Ginger Gold Apples (Sweet/tart, good eating apple) About 4th week


Peaches, pears, grapes, plums, etc. usually available until the middle of the month.
Gala Apples (Sweet earting apple) Early in the month
Pippin Apples (Large, tart, green cooking apple, good for drying, applesauce, and applebutter) About the 2nd week
Ozark Gold Apples (Good for cooking and eating) About the 2nd week
Honey Crisp Apples (Sweet-tart, crisp eating apple) About 3rd week
Jonathan Apples (Tart, red, good for cooking and eating) About 3rd week
McIntosh Apples (Not as tart as Jonathan, good for eating and cooking) Toward end of month


Jonathan and McIntosh Apples will still be available.
Jonagold Apples (Cross between Jonathan and Gold Delicious, good eating apple) About 1st week
Red Delicious Apples (Sweet eating apple) About 2nd week
Gold Delicious Apples (Sweet eating apple) About 2nd week
Mutsu Apples (Good eating apple) About 2nd week
Fresh Apple Cider About 2nd week
Rome Beauty Apples (Good for eating and baking) About 3rd week


Cider, Jonathan, Red Delicious and other varieties of apples may still be available.
Winesap (tart, good for pies) Early in the month
Fuji (Sweet Eating Apple similar to Gala) Early in the month
Granny Smith (tart, good for pies, drying, canning) Early in the month
Arkansas Black (very hard) Middle of the month
Pink Lady (crisp, juicy, sweet/tart, stores well) End of the month


Cider, Jonathan, Red Delicious and other varieties of apples might still be available. Closing date for the season varies from year to year. Please check the home page under “Fruit Currently Available” if we are still open.

77 responses to “Fruit Calendar

  1. what is the cost of each of the fruits in bulk size and medium size??? and small size??? peaches, apples, grapes, pears, and everything else that you have to sell. so we can have cash since you don’t take checks or credit cards. have been there before and could not get anything because of this we did not know your rules, we live out of state and want to visit soon. please let us know by email… thank you!!!!!!

  2. I would like to know the best kind of apples for drying in a dehydrator for making fried pies

    • We have customers who like to dry several varieties of apples including Gold Delicious, Mutsu, Pippin, Winesap, etc. Gold Delicious work well in fried pies. My favorites for drying are Jonathan, Granny Smith, and Pink Lady. They are a good size for my peeler/slicer. I also prefer tart apples for cooking. Jonathan is my favorite for fried apples, pies, etc. Granny Smith hold their color and shape well when dried or cooked. I don’t like McIntosh for drying. They turn brown even treated and are a little mushy for the peeler/slicer. I hope this helps.

  3. I am planning to be in the Crowe Mountain area on Nov. 5th. Will you still have Jonagold, Gala, or Fuji apples available?

    • Sorry, Bobby. The Jonagold, Gala, and Fuji apples were picked and sold quite awhile ago. The only varieties we have left are posted on the home page under “Fruit currently available.”

  4. Jonathan Clark

    Do you still have peaches? Love your fruit. Jonathan Clark Winchester.

    • Thanks, Jonathan. Yes, the peaches have just started coming in. Right now we have semi-cling in limited quantities. The main crop of freestone yellow and white peaches should be getting ripe in a couple of weeks.

  5. Barbara marona

    Are the red haven peaches close to being in the store?

    • The Red Havens will probably be another week or two. They are typically ripe by now, but are really late this year. I will post it as soon as they are ripe.

  6. Hello, Are the grapes, nectarines ready as yet? And also any big peaches? Which type peaches are best for freezing, and do you have any now?
    Thank you, Marty

    • The grapes may be ready in one to two weeks. The nectarines are expected to start coming in during the next week, although quantities will be limited. Right now we have semi-cling peaches that are very good, but the larger freestone (clear seed) that are great for freezing should be getting ripe within the next couple of weeks. I will post them when they are ready.

  7. Michelle Burkett

    Hello. Will the Honey Crisp apples be ready around the 3rd week of August as it states on your calendar? Thank you…

    • Michelle, there is no way to know for sure yet when the Honey Crisp will be ready. My guess is they will be later than usual since everything else is running a couple of weeks late this year. I love the Honey Crisp. I will post a note as soon as Dad has an idea when they will be getting ripe.

  8. Our church is planning a fall trip the first weekend Nov 2, 2013. Do you think you will still be open? Thanks

    • Hi, Shannon. Yes, we will be open. I recommend you call the salesroom (256-437-9254) and get your group scheduled and let Barb and Michelle know what time you will be there.

  9. Please keep me,up to date on what is available would love some wine sap apples and cider. Thank you

  10. My daughter and I visited for the first time today. We were not disappointed, we purchased two big buckets of tasty cherries. The winding road up was an adventure & I had previously read about it’s history..Will be back for peaches to can soon!

  11. Thank you so much for all your help and for all the good fruits you all supply us with. I hope to get in on allot more of your selection this year. see you soon for some blueberries. .Brenda in Huntland


  13. When will the King Lusk be available?

  14. Do you have Arkansas black yet? Thanks. Enjoy the orchard and staff so friendly…

  15. Hello, do you all still have apples. And do you’ll give a little tour to children. Can they pick apples?

    Thank u

  16. What happened to Winchester farmers market? Nobody there today…?

    • I am sorry Car Tor. I just found out from Dad that the Winchester market hasn’t finished their new building yet. We won’t be going for another couple of weeks when they get it finished. We didn’t know until today. I am going to put up a post now to let people know. I am sorry for your inconvenience.

  17. Teresa pedigo

    Looking forward to visiting this year. Can you send updates to my email?

    • Teresa, you will get email updates of all my posts by “Following” our website. Look in the column on the right side of the page almost to the bottom. You will see a button with “Follow” on it under the heading, “Follow Blog via Email”. That is all you have to do to get emails of our updates. If you are on Facebook, you can also “like” our Facebook page and get updates that way.


    Do you still have blueberries?

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  30. Do you offer apricots?

  31. Pingback: Opening day will be here soon! | Crow Mountain Orchard

  32. Debbie Holbrook

    How much are the blackberry

  33. So glad you are now represented at Franklin County, TN, farmers’ market. Can’t wait for your freestone peaches & Mutsu apples.

  34. Carolyn Statham

    I would like to be informed about when the Indian peaches come in.

    • Carolyn, we will post it on our webpage and Facebook when the Indian Cling get ripe. To receive an email, go to the bottom right column of our webpage and put your email address in “Follow blog via email.” You will receive an email of all our updates and posts. We have over 5,000 people who follow us online, so I cannot make promises to send individual emails. The Indian Cling should be ripe within a couple of weeks.

    • Carolyn, the Indian Cling peaches just started coming in. They are available in the orchard salesroom now.

  35. Do you get to pick the apples yourself?

  36. Where are you located

  37. I love fresh fruits and love local fruit farms. Want any information on them that I can get.

  38. Are the pink lady apples ready.

  39. Do you ever plan on growing Paw Paws?

  40. Francee Underwood

    I would like to know if one can order from you Jonthan apples? I love them! Do you have any information of what store in Memphis, TN may carry them? I used to purchase these wonderful apples in the Easy-Way stores but they are closing. And other locations are far & in between. Thank you!

    • I like the Jonathans, too, and there aren’t many available in the south for some reason. We mostly sell everything in the orchard’s salesroom and some local farmers markets. A few local grocery stores buy from us, but not as far away as Memphis. We don’t ship our apples. I’m sorry I can’t help you get your Jonathans, Francee.

  41. We love your Fuji apples. Do you have these yet?

  42. Do you ship your apple cider

  43. Are your Granny Smith apples ??
    What’s the cost of the Granny Smith apples?

    • The Granny Smiths aren’t ripe yet. It may be another couple of weeks. They will be the same price as our other apples. $3 for 3 lb, $6 for 1/2 peck, $10 for peck, and $16 for 1/2 bushel. Prices are different at the farmers markets.

  44. When are pink lady apples ready?

  45. Do you grow sweetango apples?

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