Fruit Calendar

These are estimated datesActual  dates when fruit is available varies from year to year depending on weather conditions.
Quantities of certain fruits may be limited or unavailable. Please call the orchard salesroom from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm during fruit season to check on fruit availability. 256-437-9254


Blueberries About June 5
Blackberries About June 20
Cling Peaches About June 25
Early Gold Apples (tart, cooking and eating) About June 25


Semi-Freestone Yellow Peaches (Red Havens) About 1st week
Plums About 1st week
Freestone Yellow and White Peaches (Many different varieties, sweet, good for eating and preserving) About 2nd week
Seedless Grapes (green, red, and purple) About 2nd week
Pears About 2nd week
Asian Pears About 3rd week
Nectarines About 3rd week
Indian Cling Peaches (Red flesh, good for eating, pickling, and preserving) About 3rd week
Ginger Gold Apples (Sweet/tart, good eating apple) About 4th week


Peaches, pears, grapes, plums, etc. usually available until the middle of the month.  
Gala Apples (Sweet eating apple) Early in the month
Pippin Apples (Large, tart, green cooking apple, good for drying, applesauce, and applebutter) About the 2nd week
Ozark Gold Apples (Good for cooking and eating) About the 2nd week
Honey Crisp Apples (Sweet-tart, crisp eating apple) About 3rd week
Jonathan Apples (Tart, red, good for cooking and eating) About 3rd week
McIntosh Apples (Not as tart as Jonathan, good for eating and cooking) Toward end of month


Jonathan and McIntosh Apples will still be available.  
Jonagold Apples (Cross between Jonathan and Gold Delicious, good eating apple) About 1st week
Red Delicious Apples (Sweet eating apple) About 2nd week
Gold Delicious Apples (Sweet eating apple) About 2nd week
Mutsu Apples (Good eating apple) About 2nd week
Fresh Apple Cider About 2nd week
Rome Beauty Apples (Good for eating and baking) About 3rd week


Cider, Jonathan, Red Delicious and other varieties of apples may still be available.  
Winesap (tart, good for pies) Early in the month
Fuji (Sweet Eating Apple similar to Gala) Early in the month
Granny Smith (tart, good for pies, drying, canning) Early in the month
Arkansas Black (very hard) Middle of the month
Pink Lady (crisp, juicy, sweet/tart, stores well) End of the month


Cider, Pink Lady, Jonathan, Red Delicious and other varieties of apples might still be available. Closing date for the season varies from year to year.

110 thoughts on “Fruit Calendar

    1. I don’t know yet. It may be a bit early. About the middle of the week call the salesroom, 256-437-9254 during business hours, 8-5. It is possible we will know something then.

  1. Joyce Fuller and David Fuller

    Need e-mails so I can know when everything is their. Please add us to your list.Thanks Joyce Fuller

    1. To receive an email whenever I add a post, please go to the website and scroll towards the bottom of the right side column. You will see a place to enter your email to receive notifications. Right now I haven’t been posting in the website because my husband and I are on a cross country trip and I usually don’t have wifi in our campgrounds. I will be home in a couple of weeks. I recommend you follow our Facebook page that my nephew updates or call the salesroom during business hours to check on what is available. 256-437-9254

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