Fresh Apple Cider!

We have just started making fresh apple cider using our secret combination of Crow Mountain apples. Drink it chilled or warmed with a cinnamon stick served as a delicious fall punch. People will ask you for your recipe! Cider can be frozen in the jug after pouring a bit out to allow for expansion.

We will be open all weekend including Labor Day. Our hours are 8:00-5:00. Call the salesroom for availability before you drive up the mountain. 256-437-9254.

What’s currently available now at the farm:

*Apple Cider

*Muscadines (just starting to come in)

*Moonglow Pears

*Asian Pears

*Spartlett Pears (perfect canning pear)

*Golden Delicious


*Pippin (almost gone)


*Shinzuka (part of the Mutsu family)