Blueberries Gone

Juicy plums
Fresh-picked peaches

Blueberries are gone for the season, but we still have our sweet cling peaches and juicy plums.

Our salesroom is open 8 to 5 seven days a week. Our address is:

6236 County Road 39
Fackler, Alabama 35746

Phone during business hours: 256-437-9254

We hope to have enough fruit in July to open at the farmers markets.

Coming soon: Early Gold Apples. Watch for our posts on the website and Facebook page.

Granny Smith and Arkansas Black are ripe–and many more varieties!

Apples just picked

What’s available now…

*Granny Smith
*King Lusk
*Arkansas Black
*Red Delicious
*Gold Delicious
*Spartlett Pears
*Apple Cider

Apple varieties come and go quick. Please call the sales room at 256-437-9254 to check fruit availability. Have a great weekend!