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Apples and Cider Time!

It is time for apples and cider! Visit the orchard or one of our stands in Rainsville, Section, Winchester, TN, Guntersville, Scottsboro, and Jasper, TN. Go to our website, for schedules and locations. Our salesroom is open 7 days a week, 8 to 5.

This is what we have for sale now.

  • Fresh-made apple cider;
  • Red and Gold Delicious,
  • Jonagold,
  • McIntosh,
  • Jonathan, and
  • Laura Red apples;
  • Asian pears;
  • Spartlett pears;
  • Muscadine grapes. (The grapes are coming in sporadically, and we often sell out, so call the orchard at 256-437-9254 before you come for them.)

What we sell at the farmers markets is more limited in varieties and container sizes. Prices may vary.


Red and Gold Delicious and Muscadines Ripe!

Muscadine grapes

We now have Red Delicious, Gold Delicious and Muscadines. We just started picking so please call the salesroom for availability. 256-437-9254


Rainsville Farmers Market booth closed this evening

Crow Mountain Orchard is unable to attend the Rainsville Farmers Market today, August 24, due to some equipment failure. We expect to return next Thursday at 4:00.

Jonathan and McIntosh Apples are ripe!

Jonathan and McIntosh apples are ripe! This is what we are selling now.

  • Jonathan apples
  • McIntosh apples
  • Gala apples
  • Pippin apples
  • Laura Red apples
  • Ginger Gold apples (near the end)
  • a few 3 lb bags of Honey Crisp
  • Spartlett pears (good for canning)
  • Asian Pears
  • White peaches

Call the orchard before you go. 256-437-9254

Honey Crisp Apples Are Ripe!

Honey Crisp apples are now available at the orchard. We have limited quantities, and they are usually gone within a week. Call before you come. 256-437-9254.

Near the end for summer fruit

Fall is coming! We are coming to the end of peaches and grapes.  This may be the last weekend for them. There will be peaches available at the Farmers Markets this weekend, but only a small number of white peaches.

We continue to have Asian Pears, Pippin apples, Gala apples, and Ginger Gold apples. Honey Crisp are almost ready. I will post it when we have some.

We expect to have Jonathan apples any day within the next week or two. We usually start making cider in the middle of September.


Gala Apples Getting Ripe!

Gala apples are just now starting to come in! Galas are one of the sweetest eating apples and are a favorite of families with children and people who prefer sweet instead of tart apples. The gala apples don’t last long.

We currently have:

  • yellow and white freestone peaches,
  • Asian pears,
  • seedless grapes,
  • Gala apples,
  • Early Gold apples,
  • Ginger Gold apples,
  • Buckingham apples, and
  • Indian Cling peaches.

As always, call the salesroom for availability. 256-437-9254