Get your holiday fruit today!

The orchard salesroom is open daily, 8 to 4. We are at the Winchester market and Scottsboro at Park and Broad streets on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings. We currently have Red and Gold Delicious, Jonathan, Pink Lady, Fuji, Rome, and Winesap apples and fresh-pressed cider.

6 thoughts on “Get your holiday fruit today!

  1. James Rosinbum

    Really have enjoyed getting to meet everyone as we pick up our fruit and cider every year. Thank you for the hard work it takes to produce all the delicious fruit from year to year. Hope next year brings you good health and many blessings from above.

  2. Barbara Logan

    Do you have your Apple Cider at the Winchester Market or at Scottsboro at Park and Broad Streets? If not when we know we are going to be up that way csn we request x amount of gallons and get it there?

      1. We aren’t selling in Ft. Payne this year. You might check with some of the grocery stores. We sell some cider to a regional distributor, Mitchell’s. Some of the local stores order it through them.

    1. We will have cider in Winchester and Scottsboro starting again on Thursday, January 7. We will be there on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays until we run out of apples.

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