What’s Available Now–Oct 3, 2018

Mutsu apples

Canning pears are gone for the season. Hurry and get your Asian pears as we are almost out of those as well. We currently have Mutsu, Rome, Red Delicious, Gold delicious, McIntosh, Jonagold and Jonathan apples. We also have Muscadines and our delicious apple cider. 😋

We always recommend you call the salesroom for availability before you come between 8:00-5:00, 7 days a week. 256-437-9254.

Muscadine Grapes–bronze and dark purple

Bronze Muscadine

Muscadine Grapes are native to the Southeastern United States. Because of their thick and strong skin, they are well adapted to hot and humid climates where other types of grapes don’t prosper. Muscadines are a local favorite for making wine, jam, and jellies. These grapes are noted for their high nutritional value.

Fresh Apple Cider

We make cider fresh several times a week from apples we grow here using my Dad’s secret blend of apples. No sugar or flavors added. Many customers buy extra jugs of cider to freeze. Just poor off some out of each jug to allow for freezing expansion. For parties and holidays, serve it warm in a punch bowl with cinnamon sticks and thinly-sliced apples floating on top. People will be convinced it is a special punch recipe.

Gold Delicious Trees


  • Gold Delicious–These are favorite apple for many customers. Crisp, sweet, and good for eating or cooking.
  • Red Delicious–crisp, sweet eating apple
  • Jonagold–a crisp, flavorful eating apple. Try these if you like Honey Crisp. One of my favorites.
  • Jonathan–a medium size red apple great for eating, making caramel apples, and cooking. Jonathans are my favorite for fried apples and pies because they hold their shape so well. My mother never used anything other than Jonathans for her wonderful applesauce.
  • McIntosh Apples–a white-fleshed eating and cooking apple. Great in apple cake.
  • Mutsu Apples–large, crisp eating apple yellow green like a Golden Delicious.
  • Rome Apples–great apple for baking whole

Asian Pears–almost gone!

Crisp and flavorful, best for eating and adding to fruit salads or topping for green salads.


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