Mutsu Apples are Available!

Mutsu Apples

We just started selling Mutsu apples this weekend. They are a large, crisp yellow-green eating apple.

We also have Red and Gold Delicious, Jonathan, Jonagold, and McIntosh apples, fresh-made apple cider, and a few Muscadine grapes.

8 thoughts on “Mutsu Apples are Available!

  1. Jack Morris

    Shirley, this is not a real comment. I just need a giant favor. I was born and raised in Scottsboro but now live in Texas, which has nothing to do with what I need. I am going to be home in Scottsboro around the week of thanksgiving, from the 19th for that week. I will need seven (7) gallons of cider and I hope a small bag of mutsu apples. I can provide a credit card number any time if that will help you make a decision. My phone number is 😇256-647-1647 and my email is Please contact me and let me know if this will be a problem.
    Jack Morris

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