Jonathan and McIntosh Apples are ripe!

Jonathan and McIntosh apples are ripe! This is what we are selling now.

  • Jonathan apples
  • McIntosh apples
  • Gala apples
  • Pippin apples
  • Laura Red apples
  • Ginger Gold apples (near the end)
  • a few 3 lb bags of Honey Crisp
  • Spartlett pears (good for canning)
  • Asian Pears
  • White peaches

Call the orchard before you go. 256-437-9254


4 responses to “Jonathan and McIntosh Apples are ripe!

  1. Will he be at Ft Payne in the morning. I wanted Asian Pears and Pippin Apples. Thank you.

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    • Ella, Chuck will be in Ft. Payne on Saturdays, 2 to 4 pm, from now on. I don’t know yet what they will be packing tomorrow which will determine what they put on the trucks for the markets. If you call the orchard late tomorrow afternoon or Saturday morning they may be able to tell you.

  2. When will pink lady apples be in?
    Will macintosh apples be available still?

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