Gala Apples Getting Ripe!

Gala apples are just now starting to come in! Galas are one of the sweetest eating apples and are a favorite of families with children and people who prefer sweet instead of tart apples. The gala apples don’t last long.

We currently have:

  • yellow and white freestone peaches,
  • Asian pears,
  • seedless grapes,
  • Gala apples,
  • Early Gold apples,
  • Ginger Gold apples,
  • Buckingham apples, and
  • Indian Cling peaches.

As always, call the salesroom for availability. 256-437-9254


4 responses to “Gala Apples Getting Ripe!

  1. richard lockmiller

    Will you have gala apples at the Winchester farmers market Tuesday

  2. Do you have a bit of everything at the farmers markets? If not, can we request something?

    • We don’t have room on the trailers to always bring everything we sell in the salesroom, and usually only have one size containers. We do not take special orders for the markets.

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