Fall on Crow Mountain

Crow Mountain
Crow Mountain

We are moving into the final phase of our fruit season with our latest apple, the Pink Lady, being picked, the closing of several of the farmers markets, and the leaves turning on the mountain.

Carol Deutscher in shed selling apples Oct. 1986
Carol Deutscher in shed selling apples Oct. 1986

We would like to take this time to thank all the old friends we saw this year–some who have been coming for over 30 years, and the many new people who may have discovered our fruit at their local farmers market or came to the orchard for the first time, a little white-knuckled from the drive up the mountain. 🙂 We still have plenty of apples and cider for your enjoyment during the upcoming holidays and hope you find a place on your table for a display of Crow Mountain apples, an apple pie, and some hot cider!

Guntersville Farmers MarketWe are grateful for the many farmers markets and local grocery stores in the area that allow us to bring our fruit closer to our many customers. Most of these are small communities that may not have the money or resources to support a large market, but it is a great service to provide the growers and residents. Like us, the markets cannot just call a regional warehouse to send more product that may have been shipped from Washington, Mexico, or China. It is wonderful that the farmers markets give you a place to buy fresh, local food during the season it was grown. We are blessed to have such loyal customers and communities that support local growers.

2 thoughts on “Fall on Crow Mountain

  1. sandi Clayton

    Thank you for your posts. And this one is be4autiful – with all the pictures!! I have been fortunate enough to have been buying fruit from you for 15 years or so. I miss Carol. She always took extra special care of us. I look forward to hearing from you next year. Hope everyone has a blessed, healthy New Year.

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