Fuji and King Lusk Apples Available

Bob Deutscher, owner
Bob Deutscher, owner

Crow Mountain Orchard now has Fuji and King Lusk apples.

Fujis are sweet, crisp, eating apples similar in taste to the earlier Gala apples. King Lusk apples are a sweet/tart eating apple similar to Jonagold in flavor. We have only a small quantity of King Lusk apples so they won’t last long. Call the orchard at 256-437-9254 before you go for them.

This is what is available now at the orchard. Not all varieties or all sizes are available at the various farmers markets we attend.

  • Fresh Apple Cider
  • Fuji
  • King Lusk (limited quantities. Call before you go to orchard.)
  • Granny Smith Apples
  • Rome Apples (limited quantities. Call before you go to orchard.)
  • Winesap Apples
  • Mutsu Apples
  • Red Delicious Apples
  • Gold Delicious Apples
  • Jonathan Apples

The salesroom is open 7 days a week, 8 to 5, at 6236 C.R. 39, Fackler, AL. Bring cash or a check–we don’t accept debit or credit cards. Call us during business hours if you have any questions at 256-437-9254.

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