Pippin, Buckingham, Gala Apples at the Orchard

Pippin Apples
Pippin Apples

We currently have apples, yellow and white peaches, nectarines, and seedless grapes available at the orchard. Please call for availability between 8am-5 pm before you come, 256-437-9254. If we are busy, we may run out of something for the day.


Guntersville Farmers MarketWhat we sell at the farmers markets may vary due to availability of fruit when we load the trucks, and limited space on our trucks. We do not accept special orders for the farmers markets due to limited space and too many opportunities for error. We run 3 different trucks/trailers 13 times to 7 different markets each week. If some particular fruit or size isn’t available at your local farmers market, please visit the orchard salesroom for the widest selection of fruit and container sizes. Our farmers market schedule and market locations are available on our website.

Gala Apples
Gala Apples


  • Gala–sweet eating apple
  • Pippin–large, green, tart, cooking apple
  • Buckingham–green, cooking apple


  • Yellow and white freestone peaches


Seedless Grapes

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