Opening day will be here soon!

Blackberries ripening on the vine.
Blackberries ripening on the vine.

Opening day for 2016 is almost here!! We are hoping to open by the end of this week. I will keep everyone posted as it gets closer to the exact date. Unfortunately, the cherries didn’t make it this year due to the weather, but all the rest of the fruit looks great so far.

Check out the Fruit Calendar page on our website to find out approximately when various fruit we grow will be available. Actual dates will vary some due to weather and growing conditions. If you click the button to follow our website by email, you will get a notice of all our posts and updates during the season. You can also follow us on Facebook.

We look forward to seeing everyone very soon.


6 thoughts on “Opening day will be here soon!

  1. Annette Baugh

    Thanks, for the notification! Love getting the updates and fruits in season! Can not wait for some really GOOD Crow Mountain Apples!


    Shirley, we didn’t get to come last year but we are going to try real hard to make it this year, we miss y’all so much, God Bless I am sure you don’t remember us but we do y’all. We are the couple from Gadsden with our little dog.

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    1. Thank you for your kind message, Beverly. I will pass your comments on to my sister, Barbara, who works in the salesroom with Michelle. I live in North Carolina and don’t often get the opportunity to meet our customers.

  3. MarySlaten

    Today is August 9, 2016. Last Thursday, I purchased some of your very delicious peaches in Guntersville. What kind are they?

    1. We are happy that you enjoyed your peaches, but there is no way to know what variety you bought. Dad has planted over 50 different kinds of peaches over the years, and not even he can determine the individual varieties of yellow peaches when he is holding one in his hand. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help.

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