Large Group Orchard Visits

If you have a large group such as a church group, senior center, service club, etc. who would like to schedule a trip to Crow Mountain Orchard, call the salesroom, 256-437-9254, and schedule a date and time with Michelle or Barb. They schedule groups for Monday through Thursday. Scheduled groups will be provided with numbered tickets for door prize drawings. We encourage groups to reserve a spot on the calendar to avoid having two or more large groups showing up at the same time.


4 responses to “Large Group Orchard Visits

  1. Do you sell peaches by the 1/2 bushel at the Guntersville Farmers Market?

  2. Asked about tours and was told they don’t have them

    • Nancy, I apologize for not being more clear. We have many groups who visit the orchard salesroom, but not for tours. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time or manpower to give tours.

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