Fried Apple Pies

Today a customer requested a recipe for fried apple pies.  I love making them, but don’t really follow a recipe. I did an internet search and found a good video and recipe from the Food Network that makes an easy version.

I know a lot of you southern cooks have your favorite recipes for fried pies. Please share your recipe in the “Comments” here.

I like to use a combination of Granny Smith or Jonathan apples with Golden Delicious. Dried apples are also good for making these pies. Sometimes I make my own crust instead of using the refrigerated flaky biscuits, but the biscuit dough makes it very easy. I know a lot of our customers use the refrigerated dough.

When my daughter, Jennifer, was in college at New York University, she often had apples and other fruit from Crow Mountain Orchard delivered by one of her grandmother’s friends. She would make a skillet of fried apples then use them as filling in a flour tortilla folded in half and fried in some butter to make an easy fried pie.

5 thoughts on “Fried Apple Pies

  1. Barbara Marona

    Today we went to your orchard and got some beautiful apples. Barbara was so helpful and it’s good to see her and Michelle. Apple cider is delicious.

  2. Barbara

    Thank you Barbara Marona for your wonderful comments and for appreciating what my best friend Michelle and I do, to try and help customers. We work really hard and work long hours 7 days a week for several months, and it’s nice to hear that there some people who appreciate us. We love customers like you! You help to make our days easier. 🙂

  3. Annette Baugh

    Thanks so much for your updates. I didn’t make it to the Orchard this season but, have kept up with what’s available.And just so you know, the apples I have bought in the past are THE BEST!! Thanks again for the updates.

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