Fried Apples

Although I live in North Carolina, I try to visit the orchard and see my parents frequently.  Earlier this year.  I brought home some Jonathans, my favorite cooking apple.  I used a half-peck bag to make a large skillet of fried apples.  They are wonderful warm served over vanilla ice cream. They are also good in fried pies or even just spooned into a small flour tortilla, folded over and fried in a skillet with butter.

I melt 1/2 to 1 stick of butter in a large, heavy skillet. This can be reduced or eliminated by using some cider or apple juice. In a large bowl, I mix the apple slices with cinnamon and sweetener. My preference is a mix of white and brown sugar. When I am making it for just me and my husband, I use Splenda since we have to watch our sugar intake. I use Stevia for a lot of things, but it doesn’t work too well for these apples.

12 thoughts on “Fried Apples

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