You Get To Keep The Box At Crow Mountain Orchard!

Ripe Peaches in July

Recently I was at a large farmers market in North Carolina and noticed something when I bought some cucumbers and peaches.  The vendors put their produce in boxes or baskets for display, but you take it home dumped in a plastic “thank you” bag.  I have seen this repeatedly wherever I have bought fresh produce.  I guess it is surprising to me because my parents (owners of Crow Mountain Orchard)  have always sold their fruit in the container in which it is displayed.  The boxes help keep your fruit safe from bruising.  That is just one of the small ways Crow Mountain Orchard ensures you get the best quality fruit!

14 thoughts on “You Get To Keep The Box At Crow Mountain Orchard!

  1. Barbara Marona

    We come to crow mountain orchard 2 or 3 times a year and it is nice to get the box the fruit comes in. I have never seen anyone else do that. Thanks crow mountain. Love your fruit.

  2. Vickie Everett

    Thanks so much for leaving the fruit in the box. I appreciate you taking the time and money (for the boxes) to keep my fruit from bruising. Your fruit is great!

    1. Shirley

      Joyce, I just spoke to Dad. He said because of all the rain and little sunshine, the fruit is not getting ripe as early as usual. He said he hopes that there will be some cherries and blueberries by next weekend (June 15, 2013) but isn’t sure. The early peaches aren’t close to being ripe yet. There is no one to answer the phone when he is out in the orchard working all day. He said he has had 31 calls in the past day of people wanting to know when the orchard will open. I will post another update on the web page.

  3. Diane Avans

    We come to the orchard EVERY YEAR, and have NEVER had any bad fruit!! We were there recently to get some plums and peaches, and will be back for some more big peaches when they are ready, yum yum!!!

  4. Barbara marona

    Thanks Michelle and Barbara for your help today at the orchard. We got some beautiful peaches, apples and grapes. Will be back soon for honey crisp.

  5. Trish Watson

    We live right down the road from Crow Mtn Orchard and know Michele and Barb. We had them over to our house for dinner last summer and had a great time getting to know them. I would love to be in touch with both of them by email but, unfortunately, failed to get their email addresses. Can anyone help on this! We feel so blessed to have the orchard close to us. I worked at the Senior Center in Scottsboro for awhile and took “orders” from the congregants many times. CMO is just one of the blessings I count living here on the mountain! Looking forward to next year’s opening!! Thanks to anyone who can help me with contact info for those “crazy” counter girls whose nicknames are, appropriately, “Lucy and Ethel”.

  6. laura gelly

    My husband and I have been going to your orchard for several years. It is a considerable drive for us (Tennessee) but worth every mile. The fruit is consistently better than any we can find in the stores. I too was raised in a family of apple growers and remember my father and uncle selling their apples in large bushel baskets. They always gave a bushel and a peck for the price of a bushel, and you took it home in the basket. It is good to see some of the old ways still in practice. Some things “old” should be “new” again. Thank you for keeping us in healthy food. We will miss your mom.

      1. Diane Avans

        We travel from Manchester, Tennessee to Crow Mountain Orchard. It is a little bit of a drive for us, but worth every penny we spend in gas!! I want to send my condolences to Shirley and family!!

      2. We appreciate your effort to visit the orchard. It is customers like you, Diane, that keeps my dad working to provide all that good fruit. Thank you for your kind words.

  7. Barbara

    You have excellent fruit and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. Your sweet mom was always so kind and I really enjoy coming to your orchard.

    1. Thanks, Barbara. We miss Mom terribly. She and Dad worked very hard to create Crow Mountain Orchard and provide the best fruit they could. I love sharing comments like yours with Dad and the others who work in the salesroom.

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