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What’s Available Now–August 28

Jonathan Apples

Jonathan Apples

Fall will soon be here. About the middle of September we will start making cider. Jonagold, Mutsu, and Red and Golden Delicious will also be getting ripe about the second week of September. To find out approximate dates when your favorite fruit is expected to get ripe, look at our Fruit Calendar page. Until then, we have some great eating and cooking apples, pears, Asian Pears, and Indian Cling peaches.

Available at the orchard now

  • Apples
    • McIntosh
    • Laura Red
    • Jonathan
    • Gala
    • Pippin
    • Ginger Gold
  • Indian Cling peaches
  •  Grapes
  • Moon Glow Pears
  • Brown Asian pears
Galas and Pippins at the farmers market

Galas and Pippins at the farmers market

Gala apples (sweet eating apple) and Pippin apples (very large, green, tart, cooking apple) are now available.

McIntosh apples were discovered by John McIntosh in 1811 in Canada. It is a round, medium sized apple with a thick red and green skin.  It is good for both eating and cooking. The flesh is very white and juicy making it good for cakes and cookies adding moisture. They cook up soft and do not hold their shape which makes them good for applesauce or apple butter. It is a bit sweet/tart. The McIntosh has been a long-time favorite in the Northeastern United States and Canada.

Jonathan is one of our favorite cooking apples and also good to eat!  A bit tart, it holds its shape very well making it great for pies, canning, drying, and fried apples. I prefer Jonathans to my second favorite cooking apple, Granny Smith, which gets ripe in October.

We still have the red-fleshed, Indian Cling Peaches. They stick to the seed and are not large–just the right size to fit in a pickling jar!

The fruit available at our booths at the various farmers markets may vary in variety, package sizes, and price from what is available at the orchard salesroom. We often don’t know ahead of time what will be packed into the trailers for the markets. Check our website for Farmers Market locations and schedule.